Learning Support & Library

The Learning Centre and library is at the heart of our College's academic and cultural life. Here, students use books, encyclopedias, and the internet to research their assignments and improve on their literacy skills. Students may come to use the Learning Centre facilities throughout the school day, during break time, lunch, and after school. Students come in and enjoy reading books and magazines, using the computers for their leisure, and have the option to borrow books and magazines.

Supported Learning  

The College has teaching assistantsand aboriginal teaching assistants, all helping to aid our students in their learning journey. Students are assisted through one-to-one learning, and differentiated programs are offered to ensure the College sufficiently caters to all abilities. We offer evening study for boarding students to allow students to gain extra assistance with their learning.

 Reading Program

All students, in years 7 and 8, undertake a fully integrated Reading Program as part of their English course throughout the College year. The program is designed to not only develop strong reading and comprehension skills, but to encourage students to read for enjoyment and to introduce further genres to them. The opportunity for students from other year groups to participate in this program is welcomed but not compulsory.